John Elder Robison Scheduled to Speak at the 2019 Targeting Autism Forum

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john elder robison

Being Different Turning Childhood Disabilities into Adult Gifts

John Elder Robison will describe how the differences of autism and ADHD can disable us as children even as they confer powerful competitive advantages upon us as adults. Though poignant examples from his own life, Robison will show how traits that crippled him as a child actually facilitated some of his greatest accomplishments as an adult. He will share a new way to look at disability, difference, and giftedness, offering a different paradigm for educators, parents, and neurodiverse people. Anyone who is personally affected by autism, Asperger’s, or ADHD will find this talk illuminating and inspiring.

Registration for the Forum is open – now through April 15th.  Send an email here .

Include your name, contact information, professional affiliation and a brief statement of what you hope to gain from attending the forum.

As in past  years, lodging and meals are provided.  (Since rooms are limited in number, however, if you live in close proximity and can easily travel to Dominican University, please consider commuting to the event.)

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