Seeking Video Presenters for IMLS Funded Project, “Library Services to Patrons with Disabilities: A Problem-Based Learning Approach,”

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Project ENABLE (Expanding Non-discriminatory Access By Librarians Everywhere), developed a decade ago at Syracuse University and supported with IMLS grant funds, is a comprehensive training resource designed for library professionals, from all types of libraries, in order to build capacity for providing equitable access and services to students with disabilities.

The current grant project, entitled “Library Services to Patrons with Disabilities: A Problem-Based Learning Approach,” partners Project Enable with Infopeople to provide online training covering a range of relevant topics and issues in the area of libraries and disabilities..  As part of the training objectives in this latest grant, project staff is tasked with providing potential video presenters to address the following topics:

  • How can I creatively apply UDL principles for librarians when faced with small budgets and limited choices? (1) academic or school
  • How do I navigate cultural expectation, taboos and stereotypes around disability issues to avoid false assumptions and biases (e.g., attributing behavioral challenges of black children to “misbehaving” or “being bad” rather than to ADHD or Autism even when told they have the condition)? (1) academic or school
  • How do I use Universal Design as a framework for adapting or replacing inaccessible library facilities and furniture for my library? (1) academic or school
  • How can I provide appropriate library services to teen and adult patrons with developmental disabilities? (1) academic or public
  • What are some inexpensive ways to make my library space accessible? (2) academic, public, or school

If  you are interested in being a video presenter on one or more of the topics listed, please send an email to Suzanne Schriar with a brief bio, which includes your expertise in the area of libraries and disabilities.  Please also include a brief overview of your potential presentation.

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