Project ENABLE is Seeking Librarians to Participate in Video Interviews

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Project ENABLE is seeking six librarians to participate in five video interviews with librarians who have addressed any of the challenges below (number and type of librarian needed). Interviews are 30-45 minutes in length and are done using Skype or Zoom. Participating librarians will receive a modest stipend ($100) for participation.

  • Creative application of UDL principles to library programs, even when faced with small budgets and limited choices (1 academic or school librarian)
  • Navigation of cultural expectation, taboos and stereotypes around disability issues to avoid false assumptions and biases (e.g., attributing behavioral challenges of black children to “misbehaving” or “being bad” rather than to ADHD or Autism even when told they have the condition) (1 academic or school librarian)
  • Use of Universal Design as a framework for adapting or replacing inaccessible library facilities and/or furniture (1 academic or school librarian)
  • Provision of appropriate library services to teen and/or adult patrons with developmental disabilities (1 academic or public librarian)
  • Inexpensive ways to make my library space accessible (2 academic, public, or school librarian)

We can send questions in advance, if requested. Our current, completed video interviews are available on the Project ENABLE site if you want to get an idea of what we are looking for. Just go to and  look under tab “Resources” and “Video” format.

Please contact Dr. Ruth Small, Director, Project ENABLE, at to volunteer for one of these video interviews or for more information. Thank you.

(Please note:  This blog post is a revision/clarification of the June 9 post)

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