Here is just one reason to attend the 2018 Targeting Autism Forum, May 17-18th, Springfield, IL

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susan senator

Susan Senator is an author, blogger, journalist, and educator living in Brookline MA with her husband Ned Batchelder.  She has three sons, the oldest of whom is 28 with autism.  Ms. Senator is the author of Making Peace With Autism as well as The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide and now, Autism Adulthood:  Insights and Creative Strategies for a Fulfilling Life.  A journalist since 1997, she has published pieces on disability, parenting, and living happily, for the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, Family Fun, and Education Week.  Senator has appeared as a guest on the Today Show, MSNBC, ABC News, PBS, NPR and CNN.  Her writings on Special Olympics took her to the White House in 2006, to a state dinner for Eunice Kennedy Shriver.  Ms. Senator’s blog, publications and events can be found here.

Ms. Senator will be speaking on the topic:

Journey into Autism Adulthood: Creative Insights and Strategies for a Fulfilling Life. 

Registration for the 2018 Targeting Autism Forum is open now!  Seating is limited, so register early.  To register, simply email Suzanne Schriar   The subject line should read Registration for the forum.   Please include your name, job title, name of your library or other professional affiliation and a brief statement about your interest in the topic of autism and libraries.

The Forum will be held at the Illinois State Library.  Travel to and from Springfield, IL, will be at your own expense.  There is no registration fee.  Lodging for May 16-17 and meals (breakfast and lunch)  for both days are included. 

Continue to check the blog for additional information about the 2018 Targeting Autism Forum.


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