Autism Works in Libraries : A New Discussion List

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In an effort to address one of the many needs among adults with autism, Autism Works in Libraries provides a private forum through a closed email listserve to discuss matters relating to:

  • Professionally trained  librarians or library paraprofessionals with an autism diagnosis who are  having trouble finding or maintaining library employment
  • Employed librarians or paraprofessionals with autism who would be willing to show support for job seekers
  • Librarians, library students or library staff members with autism who are interested in networking with others like themselves
  • Professional librarians or library administrators who are willing to be advocates for those individuals with autism who are looking for library employment
  • Autism advocates with professional career experience who can offer advice, tips and job interview or social skills coaching.

This discussion list provides an interactive venue for sharing stories, challenges or frustrations experienced by anyone on the autism spectrum who is having difficulty finding or keeping a library job, as well as, providing a platform for discussion among library professionals and paraprofessionals.  In addition to networking with each other, autism advocates are able to present opportunities for mentoring, offer advice, support, provide access to social skills interview/employment coaching as well as links to available jobs in libraries.  Our intent is to build a large infrastructure to support library job seekers on the autism spectrum, nationwide, even globally.

We hope that you will take advantage of this free resource! To subscribe, email or visit

The Autism Works in Libraries discussion list is part of the Targeting Autism initiative, which is supported by grant funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)




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