Private email list/support group for librarians and library paraprofessionals on the spectrum seeking employment

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Those of us involved in the Targeting Autism initiative regularly receive emails and phone calls from librarians on the autism spectrum who currently have or have had difficulty finding employment.  These individuals include non-degreed as well as those with masters degrees from accredited library schools, who are clearly qualified for professional library employment.  Many have received some job interview coaching, but are still unsuccessful at finding a job that exploits their training, knowledge and skills.

If you or someone you know has experienced difficulty finding a job or having a successful job interview due to their autism spectrum disorder and would like to join a private email discussion and support group, I would like to hear from  you.

If you are a librarian with autism, your willingness to mentor incoming librarians or paraprofessional library workers is greatly needed.

Finally, if you are not on the autism spectrum, but are an advocate for libraries and librarians with autism, your support is also needed.

For all of you who are willing to contribute to a closed/private online discussion and support group, please send a separate email to Suzanne Schriar to let me know of your interest.

Please consider adding your support to this important and much needed effort.

Thank you!



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