Playwright Shares Kennedy Center Production of Her Award Winning One-Act Play at the Targeting Autism Forum

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Ariadne Blayde
Ariadne Blayde – playwright and 2008 winner of the Kennedy Center’s VSA Playwright Discovery Award for her one-act play, The Other Room, which depicts a brilliant high school student with autism, who struggles to communicate his inner thoughts and emotions, which are revealed to the audience through four unique characters.

On the evening of March 10th, 2016, Targeting Autism Forum attendees had the privilege of viewing the Kennedy Center’s professional production of The Other Room and meeting with the playwright, Ariadne Blayde.  After viewing the performance, it become obvious that the audience had experienced something that had touched their hearts to the core.

Ariadne Blayde effectively portrays the difficult and lonely struggle expressed by a brilliant high school student with Asperger’s Syndrome, who tries hard to communicate his thoughts and feelings, and ultimately experiences the heartbreak of being misunderstood.   And yet, it doesn’t take a connection to autism to know the pain of being misunderstood and not seen for who we truly are.  By touching own existential loneliness and struggle for genuine communication, Ariadne Blayde has given us a deeper connection to the mind of someone with ASD.

Ariadne’s talk, including the 2008 Kennedy Center performance of The Other Room can be accessed here



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