New dates set for Targeting Autism Forum — March 10-11, 2016

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The new dates for the second Targeting Autism Forum has officially been set for Thursday, March 10 through Friday, March 11, 2016.  The lack of a state budget remains challenging for Illinois, as we continue to wait for a resolution.  We appreciate your understanding and hope that you take advantage of the additional time to collaborate with autism services providers and various community stakeholders.   Direct your attention to the outside community and refer to these questions as a starting point:

  1.  Who are the autism stakeholders in my community?
  2.  What services are provided for individuals and family members impacted by autism?
  3.  What is the demographic makeup of  those residents with autism in my community?
  4.  How can I help my community library to become a conduit to local support services and resources?
  5.  How extensive are the autism education/training needs of librarians and public services staff?
  6.  What does my library currently do to support the patron population impacted by autism?  Is it enough?
  7.  What can I do to ensure that my library is welcoming to residents with autism?

Finally, please share your stories, both positive and negative, using the ‘Contact’ section of this blog.  All stories pertaining to patrons/families impacted by autism and their library experiences are important to the continuation of the Targeting Autism initiative.  Please show  your support by staying connected and keeping the momentum up!

I look forward to seeing you in Springfield, IL, for the March forum!

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