Gyasi Burks-Abbott, Librarian & Autism Self-Advocate Shares Insights on Education, Inclusion & Self-Advocacy at 2019 Forum

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Gyasi Burks-Abbott is a librarian, writer, public speaker, and self-advocate. In addition to working as a library assistant for the Harvard College Library and a reference librarian at Newbury College, Gyasi has sat on the boards of the Twin Cities Autism Society (St. Paul, MN), the Asperger’s Association of New England (now the Asperger/Autism Network), and the Steering Committee of the Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts. Currently, Gyasi is on the Board of Directors of Autism Housing Pathways, and he is a committee member of the Bedford Cultural Council. He also serves as an advisor to the Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts. 

Currently, Gyasi is a fellow with the intensive, multidisciplinary training program, Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disorders (LEND), at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Gyasi will share the knowledge he gained as a LEND fellow and reflect on how it relates to autism and civil rights. 

Registration for the Forum is open through April 15th.  Send an email here.   Include your name, contact information, professional affiliation and a brief statement of what you hope to gain from attending the forum.

Lodging and meals (breakfast and lunch) are provided.  Because registration for the forum will probably exceed the number of hotel rooms available, please consider commuting if travel to Dominican University in River Forest, IL, is convenient.


























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