How Libraries Can Work with Local Stakeholders to Serve the Autistic Community : Collaborative Models in Illinois

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Amanda Marti, Community Advocate, provided a real-life step-by-step example of developing a community needs assessment and sustainable collaborations.  As Amanda points out, “It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of a village.”  (Elaine Hall)

Click here to view Amanda’s entire presentation.

2018 forum Amanda Marti



Holly Jin (Skokie Public Library); Cathy Hoffman (Mokena Public Library); Deb Sherrick (Greenup Township Public Library); Kathy Claybaugh and Julie Ozier (Monat Gratitude Autism Squad of Cumberland County, IL, shared how they formed partnerships in their communities to enhance and expand library services to people with disabilities.

Click here to view their entire panel discussion.

2018 forum Holly Jin, Cathy Hoffman et al





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