A Spectrum of Presenters at the 2018 Targeting Autism Forum

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2018 Targeting Autism forum presenters on the spectrum
From left to right:  Gyasi Burks-Abbott; Morénike Giwa Onaiwu; Stephanie Diorio; Charlie Remy; Kerry Magro; Alyssa Huber; and Erin Miller


This year, we were excited to host seven speakers who are self-advocates on the autism spectrum.  We learned so much from these bright and talented speakers.

Presentations included:

  • A panel of librarians (Gyasi Burks-Abbott; Stephanie Diorio; Charlie Remy; and Erin Miller) who addressed questions such as, how they could promote positive change in a library or in the field of librarianship;
  • Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, who presented on living at the intersection of being black, female and autistic;
  • Kerry Magro, author, national speaker, movie consultant and non-profit founder, spoke about his journey to adulthood on the spectrum; and
  • Alyssa Huber, independent filmmaker showed her film, Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger’s, followed by a Q & A.

All presentations will be available on the Targeting Autism YouTube Channel.




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