Real-life scenarios needed for 2017 Targeting Autism Forum!

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Carrie Banks, Director, Brooklyn Public Library and one of the authors of “Including Families of Children with Special Needs,” will be a presenter at the 2017 Targeting Autism forum in Springfield, IL, May 11-12.    Her topic will focus on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and what compliance with ADA means when serving those on the autism spectrum, whose disabilities are not physical and often hidden.

 Carrie enjoys doing practical presentations using role play and real-life scenarios to assist librarians and other public services employees to deal with patrons and challenging situations skillfully, through practice.  To maximize the benefit of her techniques, Carrie has requested input of actual issues that have come up with patrons who are on the autism spectrum.  Attendees at the upcoming forum will have an opportunity to role play these real life scenarios and practice strategies to accommodate and address the needs of these special needs citizens.

 Please send your real life stories or issues that have come up in your library of other place of work to Suzanne Schriar.  You can help make this an outstanding session with these accounts.

 Further details about registering to attend the forum are forthcoming.  We hope to see you there!!


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